Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slowly but surely

Things are progressing slower than I anticipated.  To be honest, I expected my novel to be available by now.  For me, this is a first time effort, so I am still learning.  My hope is that it will be available and ready before the end of April (hopefully sooner than that).

But what is it about?

The novel is Beyond the Sky, a fantasy story in a somewhat atypical setting:

Aura only wishes to live in peace, but there's little hope of that.  The wondrous and terrible gift she possesses makes her life as tumultuous as the everlasting storms that make up the sky.  Now, standing over the body of the most high-ranking sorcerer in the land, Aura has no choice but to flee from those who accuse her of his murder.

On the run with those who were with her that fateful night — a rogue sorcerer who is a hero to all, an outcast regulator with a violent streak, an exotic elf with mysterious intentions, and a sorcerer who holds the queen's ear — Aura must discover what really happened that terrible night.  Chasing leads across the dangerous countryside where weathering rods cannot restrain the endless storms, Aura must learn the truth of the matter--a truth that may lead to the end of everything she holds dear.

It's bad enough her newfound comrades won't stop bickering.  It's worse when she finds she is falling in love with one of them.

I'm very excited about my novel and I hope you'll enjoy it.  When it is up and ready, I will both tweet and blog about it.